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Scope of Work

Web Design, Web Development, App Development, Promotion Module, System Integrations, Payment Gateway




It’s not every day one of the juggernauts in the hypermarket industry gets in touch with you. Especially not with the idea that you help them create the first online hypermarket in the MENA region. Not only that, they wanted the experience to be fully automated — both the front-end and the back-end.

Did we get excited? Of course we did. So together with one or the “Big 4” ad agencies, we set about creating just that.



Our process included research. A lot of research. Especially into e-commerce and the hypermarket industry. We also did plenty of analysis. From there we went onto create state-of-the-art technology to give Carrefour what they wanted — and on time too! The solutions we delivered included everything from logistics planning to EPR integration and building a base for future marketing initiatives.
To date, this project remains one of the most successful e-commerce implementations in the hypermarket industry.
We’re a little bit proud of this. Just a little bit…