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Scope of Work

Web Design, Web Development, Responsive, Custom Software, Brand Microsite, Career Module




BinHendi Enterprises is one of the UAE’s most respected business conglomerates. They engage in a large variety of industries, ranging from hospitality to real estate and advertising. Their main focus has been to establish international businesses in the UAE.

We were approached by BinHendi Enterprises as they wanted to take their web presence to the next level. They wanted to be able to showcase the remarkable portfolio of businesses they work with, as well as the family values that have enabled them to become one of the top enterprises in the UAE. To be able to do so, we decided to create a new site from scratch and give each brand in their portfolio a microsite of its own.



Working closely with the team at BinHendi Enterprises allowed us to launch the new site in record time — well ahead of schedule. Even though every brand on the website was designed as a microsite of its own, we were able to deliver the entire site within a month.
Sometimes our speed even surprises us. It’s no secret, however, that the coffee consumption in our offices went up that month…